Sandy Turner(non-registered)
WOW, you so got who he is. Great Job. I want them all. I love your work.
Lolly ONeil(non-registered)
OMGoodness -- you did it again. Rose Ruggirello just shared with me my neice, Juliana's pictures and they are phenomenal. What a great talent you have. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm so impressed -- I have 5 more years until my son is a senior and without question, I would love for you to take his senior pictures... GREAT JOB. Lolly
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im obsessed with your family
Melissa ~
Thank you for spending an amazing day with Sydney and I capturing her beauty and grace. The pictures are beautiful and I will forever have the memory of what this day meant to her in my heart. Every girl should experience this magical day. The confidence you bring out in these young ladies is simply priceless. You are a gift and loving spirit that needs to be shared with the world! Words can't express my gratitude or help others understand the magical moment of the "transformation" when a young woman becomes stronger than she ever thought she'd be. You are amazing…run like crazy with FEMME!
Lolly ONeil(non-registered)
Melissa --

My sister, Rose Ruggirello shared Gina's pictures -- SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. She's a beautiful girl to begin with and you captured every ounce of it. Your work is beautiful. I cannot stop looking at them. The talent you have is outstanding. I am definitely having you take my son's senior pictures in another 6 years. Great and amazing job. You should be extremely proud.
Rossana Ruggirello
Gina and I had so much fun at the photo shoot. Your talent is one of a kind, and the pictures are truly amazing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Rose & Gina
PS. I can't wait for you to take our family photos & Juliana's as well. Thanks again.
Thank you for the wonderful photos of Cooper at 9 months. It will be something we treasure for years to come. You have such a talent and we were blessed to have you capture the moment.
susan cusick(non-registered)
Melissa your work is beyond extraordinarily. You are blessed with a talent that is powerful and amazing ! Just a real pleasure to view your photographs :) Thank You
Tracey Kemp(non-registered)
I just wanted to say that I will definatly try to find a way to get my grandchildrens pictures done by. My coversation with you alone, at Home Goods really made my day and I just knew your pictures would be out of this world. They are. Love the website. Thank you for the lovely chat and the smile you gave me that day.
Also could you please give me the name again of the website we were talking about. Is it get real for kids??? and will be launched on the 14th.
Again thank you
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